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Month: September 2017

How to Choose the Right Stock Photos for Your Website

A picture is worth a thousand words; however, if that image is off subject or poorly lit, then those 1000 words will certainly pass across the wrong information. Choosing the right photo for your website is more than just grabbing a cheap option to fill a space on your website. Websites usually rely on good-looking photos to keep their readers engaged. After all, a significant number of readers usually have a short attention span and that’s the main reason why you want to make sure that you break up the text and clarify each point in the article to keep eyes on the website. Here are a few tips to help you choose good stock photos for your site:

Choose a good source

There are many stock photo websites; however, they are not the same. Although you can easily find photos that are free of charge, you will often want to find more specific photos. It is a good idea if you contact the photographer so that you can know their style and how they inquire whether they have specific photos to your needs.

Research licensing agreements

If you want to save money on stock photos, then it is important that you use them legally. You will not be saving money if you end up being sued, and it important that you give credit where it is due. Some licenses give you complete freedom to use images the way you want, but others are only provided under specific conditions, such as on website that are not-for-profit. If you are in doubt, don’t use it or contact the owner. In addition, a good website will state clearly what their photos should be used for.

Use people and/or animals

One thing about photos is that they help individuals to feel connected to the article. Using photos of animals and people helps to create a feeling of connection. Even if you are looking for stock photos with epic backgrounds, it’s not bad to include the suggestion of people such as pets, hands or shadows on leashes. If you have a website dealing with tech materials, coding or finances, animals can still be used for reliability or as humorous devices.

Don’t get too clever

Humor should always be used sparingly and carefully unless you have a humor site. An image that has a nod and a wink as a premise can come off as condescending or smarmy. If you are using an image for purposes of marketing, then you will want to avoid both of those. Moreover, anything that relies on pop culture reference becomes dated fast and some readers may even not understand what refers to.

Choosing the right stock photographs doesn’t have to be difficult. It should however require great consideration than simple downloads. You need to time to think about the message that you want to pass across and the right photos that will suggest it. You also need to choose quality photos from a Stockio website that features animals or people and have been licensed for your end use.

YouTube App Repositions its Navigation Bar for Better User Experience

World’s No-1 Video app ‘YouTube’ is working to make it interface more user-friendly. In this endeavor, YouTube app has come up with a major change in the last update – repositioning of navigation bar. Have you noticed the change?

YouTube navigation tab now appears on the bottom of the screen. What could be the possible reason for such repositioning? Designers and UI/UX experts well understand the strategy behind this move.

Navigation Bar of YouTube Moves Closer to Thumb

YouTube has been the dominant video platform since a long time. Understanding the importance of engaging users with video and related digital content, technology giant Facebook came with the big announcement of introducing ‘Watch’ tab to resonate with the interest of video lovers.

Facebook Watch tab pampers its users with recommended videos and additional features of commenting, liking and expressing opinions on videos that friends are watching. To beat the competition and improvise on user interface elements, YouTube came up with a drastic change in its design.

The navigation bar is placed at the bottom of screen considering its proximity to the thumb, thereby making it easier for users to operate the app with one hand. Mobile app development companies are paying acute attention to user experience and interactive quotient.

Developers and designers work together to figure out the exact placement of different elements of mobile app. YouTube has strategically repositioned the navigation bar after analyzing how convenient it would be for users to access it if placed at the bottom of screen.

Redesigned YouTube Logo

Image Courtesy: independent

The much-known logo of YouTube with ‘Tube’ written under the red colored tube structure for better focus is now changed. The focus is now on the play button. If you haven’t noticed the changed in YouTube logo yet, here’s the small description that would help you distinguish the new logo from old one.

The updated logo consists of the YouTube icon, the one having a red tube with a white screen and its trademark red play button, followed by the ‘YouTube’ word in black. This logo has a new color scheme and font style.

Brand logo is the identity that is closely associated with it. Logo design and redesign does not happen quite frequently, but when any changes to logo are made, there is deep strategy and logic behind it. Some factors that go into consideration while designing and redesigning the logo of brand include current design market trends, changes in user behavior and device specifications from where this app would be accessed the most. YouTube logo has a flexible design and perfect visibility even in smaller screen sizes.

How to Build Simple but Appealing User Interface for your Mobile App?

Rising Importance of UI/UX in Mobile Apps

Developing an app that has user-friendly interface, easy navigation and interactive UX is as important as building a feature-rich and highly functional app. How does the mobile app look like is a part of its design. Only when users like the look and feel of app, they go ahead to explore it and try new features. Understanding this user behavior, companies are approaching UX design service providers to improvise the design aspects of their mobile app.

With so many advanced apps available in each category, users do not like to settle or compromise using apps that offer mediocre UX. When the best ones are available and easy accessible, no user would compromise on UI/UX factor of mobile app.

YouTube and Facebook experts predict user behavior considering the current market trends and redesign it foreseeing the immediate future. These technology giants are also in the race for innovation and constantly trying to improvise user experience in every possible way.

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