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Hello, I am Darleen Prangue mother of 3 beautiful sons and wife of a handsome husband.

I work at a big corporate my day-day job as a Human Resources Manager. However, the writing was always a hobby for me since I was a kid, it has evaluated from letters now to the keyboard. I discovered blogging late in 2013 by Joshua and Ryan from The Minimalists, Then in my spare time I just kept reading and reading till I became an avid reader.

Why I am starting this blog?

While I was reading blogs online I didn’t know that simultaneously I learned valuable things that can help others to achieve their goals. I helped a local friend who owns a flower shop to stay closer to her clients by providing value to them with blogging. She was fascinated by the buzz the blog created and helped her generate more clients. From that day on, she thanks me a lot for making it possible. Actually, I didn’t do much, I just set up her a blog and the rest is history. With her expertise in her area she became quickly famous around the local folks and now is planning to open a blog for everyone.

Isn’t that great?

I just felt so good that I was able to help her and by the power that blogging has. Isn’t that a good reason to start this blog?

Here in this blog, I write about blogging in order to help bloggers by giving step-by-step directions for content creation to increase their reach.

Stay tuned!

P.s When I am not blogging I like to watch science fiction movies and having a walk or hiking