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Get the Best Marketing Automation Solution for your E-commerce Website

Are you a new internet based startup? Are you looking to convert more organic leads and retain your customers using the simplest options ever such as email, SMS, push and in-app messaging?

For an internet based business, publishers, saas start-ups, and anyone who is demanding value for money, there are so many ideal marketing automation solutions designed to help website based/ e-commerce businesses to find and nurture high-quality leads.

These solutions will improve the conversion rate of your business as well as boost their MRR (monthly recurring revenue) and lifetime value. They are designed in such a way that they will keep capturing your leads from many internet based portals such as these.

•Signup forms
•Subscription forms

When this has been done they will automatically store them in your already segmented lists. One of such ideal software for e-commerce based services is Notif.

Notif is a guaranteed conversion accelerator. That would generate 20X more leads online for any website based business. Its main job is to display all the genuine sign ups in your e-commerce website. It also displays purchases and real-time subscriptions on your website.

When this is done an urge is created for your website visitors to do the same. Another great thing that an internet based software such as Notif will do is to create a Social FOMO that will instantly multiply your lead generation 20 times more.

A Social FOMO is basically a created anxiety within your website visitors that an exciting or interesting event is happening elsewhere. Such excitement is usually aroused by the type of posts seen on social media platforms.

With such anxiety, a business is able to tap over 20 times real time conversions in no time as many leads will be coming towards the already created FOMO. The best thing about using online based software such as Notif is the type of service that your business will enjoy.

Firstly, Notif will provide you with many ideal display options. In fact, you will be able to choose your perfect style especially one that fits with the needs of your website. Additionally, Notif even provides an anonymous template that allows you to keep secret the names of your customers whenever you don’t want to reveal them.

Because you can great tracking script configuration too, such online software will provide you with a script that will automatically start tracking new sign ups, new purchase, and new subscriptions. This saved time.

Additionally, it makes your work easy as every time your e-commerce website gets a new Signup, purchase, or even subscription; a small notification will be displayed on your website in such a way that it won’t have to reveal any confidential contact details.

This is also a great way to boost customer confidence, privacy, and exclusivity. Indeed you can make your website an experience to savor with such modern DIY online based business tools.

Many businesses can triple their sales by just keeping track of their FOMO. It is important, however, that you choose a good marketing automation solution that more specifically caters for Internet-based enterprises such as Notif from Retainly.

How Getting the Right Information Boosts your Productivity

With millions of people joining many different conversations via the social media platform daily it is fair to say that the world has greatly changed in terms of technology. Today news, innovative ideas, and many simple conversations have found a new way to go viral in minutes.

It is because of this reason that we have today digital magazines, newspapers, and dailies. These are viable options that can be received through the internet for a real time news feed. Even so, it is important to differentiate the real things from the chaff. As fate would have it we need the right deals.

Think about it? What would it be like if you got news today only to realize that it was a complete hog wash the following morning? The information that you consume should be tested, verified, and confirmed to be the factual. This is a very important aspect of any news source that you use.

Konnect Daily is one of such viable news platforms that you could easily access via any smart device. As a digital platform, there isn’t a shred of doubt that it is timely. It is easy to access, and above all, you could easily confirm the news you are receiving through numerous replies that you will get in real time.

The news structure is also very important. Does the information have any form of flow? Does it make sense? Does it have viable references to go with? I once read a piece from the Konnect Daily about “How NASA Owned the Solar Eclipse” and believe it or not…I could easily see such a piece was connected to the NASA social media posts and how it was structured. What this means is that the news is tested.

The power of getting the right information is therefore very evident as you get to pass on verified pieces. You will also have enough pools of references. Additionally, you will be able to track what has been consumed and by how many people. Indeed you could use Google analytics, email tracking, and many others.

Additionally, with the right information, you should own a powerful mind. You have the power of knowledge. You will be able to differentiate between the truth and misleading pieces. You are able to embrace ideas that will boost your growth and above all shun what doesn’t make a difference to your life or more.

Many people have also accepted the power of consuming the right information as the most basic way through which life changing ideas have been born. If you look at it closely, you will realize that new innovations and ideas are often triggered. When a problem is highlighted a thought is triggered to try and solve it too.

Even so many thoughts could also be triggered by suggesting on new but rather untested solutions. However, we depend on getting the right information to basically start exploiting our innovative minds. This is fairly important for many people who readily appreciate the need for new ideas and technologies that could change the world.

If you are looking for viable information to go with, it is fairly important that you investigate your sources. It is also very important that for every source that you choose you learn to pick the most viable information.

Simple Hacks to Enhance Your Website UX – Do’s & Don’ts Inside

What makes your customer land on your website for long?

Well, if you think it’s your top-notch services, you are absolutely wrong. The first thing that a user looks into your website is its UX.

While designing a website, it’s important to consider all the points that allure the visitor and binds them with the website. The whole web design process encompasses multiple segments that include UI/UX designing. The reason behind giving a unique UI/UX is to deliver the best user-experience to the audience along with the stuff they are actually looking for.

Now, what are the pointers that you should consider while designing a distinct website for your customers? Below are some of the important but simple hacks that you can easily follow and improve the website user-experience from all aspect.

Design Solely for Users:

This is a big myth that creating your website with maximum functionality, will add-on more customer to your website. Instead, it compels the user to bounce from your website and leave a negative feedback. Instead of installing ample functionalities, focus on the core facilities and ensure they are present in your website with minimal effort.

Don’t Flood the Design:

The current scenario demands a clean and spacious website design. Flooding your web page will always irritate the user, resulting in a quick exit from your website. There are countless designing templates that you can check as a reference and create your own design with ample space. It’s important to tell your point without covering the whole page.

Maintain the Quality:

In the world of competition, it’s highly recommended to keep yourself at the top. For that, it’s your visuals that can make you stand out. Whenever you are creating a website, ensure to maintain top visual quality. There are many tricks that you can use high-quality images with least memory consumption. This will help in quick loading your website without compromising with the quality.

Select Color Scheme Wisely:

This is considered to be a major factor of user-irritation. There are many website designs that really irritates the user. The current era is of flat design and hence you need to select from flat color schemes. You can easily visit the internet to find the versatile color schemes that suit your website.

CTA is the Need of Hour:

To present your deals and unique services, you should make use of CTA (Click To Action). The CTA has proved to be a big game changer in converting your customers into sales. For this, you need to create custom Landing Pages to drive the users on a special page build for them. The Landing page with CTA buttons is more efficient in the conversation of a visitor in a client.

Move with the Mobile World:

It’s important to go with the mobile world and hence your web design must not be unfit for different mobile devices. The responsive website designing is currently in high demand and nearly 80 percent of the online readership use a smartphone. Hence, to entertain your users/customers, it’s important to develop a mobile-friendly website.

All in all, it’s about offering the design that your users actually expect from your business. And that can only be delivered after you undergo in-depth research of your competitors and create your own appealing layout. It’s important to beat the odds in order to stand ahead of the crowd.

So, it’s important for all the professional web-designers to look at the above-mentioned points and do follow them in their web-designing process. It will really help them serve the clients well and boost your business. A satisfied user will always help you promote your business.

How to Ensure Your Business’ Success: The Importance of Smart Marketing

According to official statistics, small businesses represent 99.7 percent of the total number of companies in the United States. However, only 33 percent will endure for more than a decade. One of the primary causes of business failure is cash flow problems. In other words, these firms do not generate enough profit, often due to a lack of online visibility.

Most marketers acknowledge the need to establish an online presence, yet 60 percent of business owners find it challenging to demonstrate their social media’s ROI.

Adequate Online Exposure Should Not Be Overlooked

A start-up becomes successful once it attracts its audience and manages to obtain more and more conversions. That type of growth requires smart marketing and networking. Networking will not only grow your customer base and facilitate referrals, but it can also furnish a range of opportunities to help develop your brand.

Networking typically means participating in small business conferences and events, where you can establish long-lasting business relationships and initiate collaboration.

But what about your company’s online exposure? To succeed in the competitive online marketplace, you have to make sure your firm is easy to find online. This requires developing an effective search engine optimization strategy, however reaching your target audience takes time. Even if you have a solid SEO strategy, conversions are not guaranteed.

Opporty’s founder, Sergey Grybniak, found that the solution is to provide small businesses, contractors, and freelancers with a platform that facilitates unique marketing opportunities by targeting the B2B and B2C sectors.

Opporty Utilizes an Innovative Approach

Many entrepreneurs overlook the importance of innovation in achieving business success. The co-founder of Doyle Dane Bernbach makes an interesting statement on the topic, saying that an idea will either turn to dust or to magic, depending on the skill and talent of its initiator.

For instance, many entrepreneurs are unaware of crypto currencies and blockchain, and how these technologies can be applied to marketing and the growth of their businesses. However, the founder of Opporty did not allow this opportunity to pass him by. The Opporty platform utilizes blockchain technology that facilitates the development of small businesses.

Every minute, numerous transactions take place, including payments, orders, and account tracking. Since each participant has its own ledger, each has its own version of the truth. Having multiple ledgers can easily lead to errors, fraud and inaccuracies.

Blockchain technology makes it possible to observe a transaction from beginning to end, eliminating vulnerabilities. With blockchain, a single shared ledger records all transactions. Once recorded, they cannot be changed. All parties are required to give their approval before the addition of a new transaction to the network.

Blockchain technology offers many advantages for businesses. It functions as a system of record that is shared among the members of a business network, eliminating the need to reconcile discordant ledgers. Each member of the network is entitled to access rights, and confidential information is communicated on a need-to-know basis.

Blockchain technology enables enterprises to free up capital, speed processes, lower the cost of transactions and guarantee security and trust.

Opporty incorporates the advantages of on-demand economy and blockchain technology by implementing a crypto-powered marketplace of B2B and B2C commerce.

Opporty provides a unique background for businesses, contractors and freelancers to become part of a powerful community. Businesses have the chance to build a powerful reputation, collaborate with other professionals, and maximize their visibility in the online realm. Crypto functionality is granted by Ethereum, a blockchain distributed computing platform, whose aim is to simplify business transactions.

When a business becomes part of the Opporty community, it increases its visibility online, which is the underlying key to a successful marketing strategy.

How to Choose the Right Stock Photos for Your Website

A picture is worth a thousand words; however, if that image is off subject or poorly lit, then those 1000 words will certainly pass across the wrong information. Choosing the right photo for your website is more than just grabbing a cheap option to fill a space on your website. Websites usually rely on good-looking photos to keep their readers engaged. After all, a significant number of readers usually have a short attention span and that’s the main reason why you want to make sure that you break up the text and clarify each point in the article to keep eyes on the website. Here are a few tips to help you choose good stock photos for your site:

Choose a good source

There are many stock photo websites; however, they are not the same. Although you can easily find photos that are free of charge, you will often want to find more specific photos. It is a good idea if you contact the photographer so that you can know their style and how they inquire whether they have specific photos to your needs.

Research licensing agreements

If you want to save money on stock photos, then it is important that you use them legally. You will not be saving money if you end up being sued, and it important that you give credit where it is due. Some licenses give you complete freedom to use images the way you want, but others are only provided under specific conditions, such as on website that are not-for-profit. If you are in doubt, don’t use it or contact the owner. In addition, a good website will state clearly what their photos should be used for.

Use people and/or animals

One thing about photos is that they help individuals to feel connected to the article. Using photos of animals and people helps to create a feeling of connection. Even if you are looking for stock photos with epic backgrounds, it’s not bad to include the suggestion of people such as pets, hands or shadows on leashes. If you have a website dealing with tech materials, coding or finances, animals can still be used for reliability or as humorous devices.

Don’t get too clever

Humor should always be used sparingly and carefully unless you have a humor site. An image that has a nod and a wink as a premise can come off as condescending or smarmy. If you are using an image for purposes of marketing, then you will want to avoid both of those. Moreover, anything that relies on pop culture reference becomes dated fast and some readers may even not understand what refers to.

Choosing the right stock photographs doesn’t have to be difficult. It should however require great consideration than simple downloads. You need to time to think about the message that you want to pass across and the right photos that will suggest it. You also need to choose quality photos from a Stockio website that features animals or people and have been licensed for your end use.

YouTube App Repositions its Navigation Bar for Better User Experience

World’s No-1 Video app ‘YouTube’ is working to make it interface more user-friendly. In this endeavor, YouTube app has come up with a major change in the last update – repositioning of navigation bar. Have you noticed the change?

YouTube navigation tab now appears on the bottom of the screen. What could be the possible reason for such repositioning? Designers and UI/UX experts well understand the strategy behind this move.

Navigation Bar of YouTube Moves Closer to Thumb

YouTube has been the dominant video platform since a long time. Understanding the importance of engaging users with video and related digital content, technology giant Facebook came with the big announcement of introducing ‘Watch’ tab to resonate with the interest of video lovers.

Facebook Watch tab pampers its users with recommended videos and additional features of commenting, liking and expressing opinions on videos that friends are watching. To beat the competition and improvise on user interface elements, YouTube came up with a drastic change in its design.

The navigation bar is placed at the bottom of screen considering its proximity to the thumb, thereby making it easier for users to operate the app with one hand. Mobile app development companies are paying acute attention to user experience and interactive quotient.

Developers and designers work together to figure out the exact placement of different elements of mobile app. YouTube has strategically repositioned the navigation bar after analyzing how convenient it would be for users to access it if placed at the bottom of screen.

Redesigned YouTube Logo

Image Courtesy: independent

The much-known logo of YouTube with ‘Tube’ written under the red colored tube structure for better focus is now changed. The focus is now on the play button. If you haven’t noticed the changed in YouTube logo yet, here’s the small description that would help you distinguish the new logo from old one.

The updated logo consists of the YouTube icon, the one having a red tube with a white screen and its trademark red play button, followed by the ‘YouTube’ word in black. This logo has a new color scheme and font style.

Brand logo is the identity that is closely associated with it. Logo design and redesign does not happen quite frequently, but when any changes to logo are made, there is deep strategy and logic behind it. Some factors that go into consideration while designing and redesigning the logo of brand include current design market trends, changes in user behavior and device specifications from where this app would be accessed the most. YouTube logo has a flexible design and perfect visibility even in smaller screen sizes.

How to Build Simple but Appealing User Interface for your Mobile App?

Rising Importance of UI/UX in Mobile Apps

Developing an app that has user-friendly interface, easy navigation and interactive UX is as important as building a feature-rich and highly functional app. How does the mobile app look like is a part of its design. Only when users like the look and feel of app, they go ahead to explore it and try new features. Understanding this user behavior, companies are approaching UX design service providers to improvise the design aspects of their mobile app.

With so many advanced apps available in each category, users do not like to settle or compromise using apps that offer mediocre UX. When the best ones are available and easy accessible, no user would compromise on UI/UX factor of mobile app.

YouTube and Facebook experts predict user behavior considering the current market trends and redesign it foreseeing the immediate future. These technology giants are also in the race for innovation and constantly trying to improvise user experience in every possible way.

5 Awesome Conferences Every Digital Marketer Should Check Out

Digital marketing is a booming field right now. The industry is growing 11% a year and companies are on pace to spend $120 billion on digital marketing services by 2021.

While the field is growing at an unprecedented rate, it is also becoming more complex. The good news is that there are lots of great digital marketing conferences people can attend to learn more about the profession. Here are some of the most popular that marketers should check out.

1.      Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit is an annual conference for affiliate marketers all over the world. Started by affiliate marketing gurus Missy Ward and Shawn Collins in 2003, it has become the most popular affiliate marketing event. Many popular companies attend Affiliate Summit, including:

  • #1
  • 100 Directions
  • 10X Blogger
  • 12:01 Push
  • Lend Genius LLC
  • Lender Daily
  • LendKey
  • com
  • 1stinCoffee*
  • net
  • com
  • AdvertStar
  • Maxbounty

Affiliate marketers of all levels can gain a lot by networking with their peers at Affiliate Summit. New affiliate marketers are encouraged to attend to learn from seasoned marketers and build stronger connections with the networks they have joined.

2.      SearchLove

SearchLove is an online marketing forum that hosts some of the world’s most esteemed marketers from Distilled. The conference covers a number of constantly evolving topics, including analytics, search engine marketing, content marketing and UX optimization.

Conferences are held in San Diego, Boston and London, so there are plenty of opportunities for people to attend. The two-day events will cover a tremendous amount of information that even the most advanced marketers can benefit from.

3.      ResponseCon

GetResponse is one of the leading email marketing automation companies. Every year, they host ResponseCon, a digital marketing conference for small and medium sized businesses. You can attend the conference for $104 and workshops for only $69. It is a great conference for people that want to learn more about email marketing.

ResponseCon is held in four different cities every year: Austin, Boston, Denver and San Diego. They are all hosted in October, so anyone that is interested in attending should plan on taking time off from work for that week.

4.      Hero Conf

Are you interested in learning more about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising? Hero Conf is a great conference to check out. These conferences are held in October and April each year. The location is subject to change, but the upcoming conferences are held in London and Austin.

A number of keynote speakers participate at these conferences, including:

  • Leo Sei of Google
  • Adrian Cutler of Microsoft Search Advertising
  • Rod Richmond of Clean Digital
  • Jason Dailey of Facebook

All of these experts have different insights that all marketers can benefit from. Due to the nuances of different PPC platforms, some of these presentations will be more applicable for some marketers than others. However, it is a good idea for attendees to listen to all of the presentations. Certain strategies that work well in some platforms may be worth trying on another.

5.      Marketing United

Marketing United is a digital marketing conference that is hosted in Nashville, Tennessee every year. Over 900 people attended the last conference. A number of prominent speakers represented their companies last year, including Mitch Lowe, the cofounder of Netflix and Oli Gardner, the cofounder of Unbounce.

Marketing United covers a number of engaging topics. Here is a sampling of some of the events they hosted this year:

  • Storytelling For Business
  • Unmarketing: Everything Has Changed & Nothing Is Different
  • Email, Social, Content & Cocktails: How Tito’s Handmade Vodka crafts a cohesive brand experience
  • Breaking Down Silos: How to be Fast, Iterative and Smart with Your Content
  • The Fears, Myths, and Fallacies that Hold Email Marketing Back
  • Capture, Grow and Convert: Everything You Need to Know About Building Your Email Audience Right Now

Marketing United is a great conference for people that want to learn to build sophisticated digital marketing funnels for any business.

Check Out One of these Awesome Digital Marketing Conferences!

There are lots of great digital marketing conferences. Affiliate Summit is pretty expensive, but most of the others are within most people’s price range. Marketers can learn a lot on many different digital marketing topics by attending. They can build new connections and get insights from the top minds of Facebook, Google and other major marketing companies.

5 Influencer Marketing Strategies For Bootstrapped Startups

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

PR is costly and It’s REALLY hard to grab influencers’ attention let alone build a lasting relationship with them.

Well, it turns out, you can dramatically grow your influencer network by taking a few extra steps prior to the “would you feature me?” straight up kind of pitch.

An approach that’s helped my readers get featured in major publications with 3 successful acquisitions so far, one of which by Google.

In this post, I’m going to show you that approach and how you can easily do it for yourself.

Disclaimer: bootstrapped or not, this is how you’d approach influencers.

But first, does this look familiar?

Or this?

Let’s switch roles for a second.

How would you take it as a journalist or potential client if the first thing someone asks you at an event is, would you feature me? or, would you buy my service? I’m guessing probably irritated and annoyed let alone if their pitch is 15 minutes long.

PR is not about how many emails you send or how big your target list of influencers is. PR, in its core, is about relationship building.

Here is are the tactics and techniques I use to do PR and succeed at this stuff…ready? Lets roll!

1. Breaking the ice with influencers

You’re probably thinking:

Yes, getting them to answer my first messages has been the hardest. How can I strike a conversation?

Simply put, people are more likely to listen to you if they’ve seen or met you once. In a Fractl study, over 60% of journalists said that it’s important to establish a connection with them.

Here are three ways you can do that.

A. Trigger their curiosity with comments

The easiest way to grab influencers’ attention is by commenting on a post they wrote. Eventually, no matter how crowded the comment thread can get, if you stand out with your value adding summaries and suggestions, you’ll get noticed.

Commenting doesn’t necessarily have to be on a post the influencer wrote. Here’s an example of how I leveraged Quora to start an engaging discussion with a journalist.

Once they participate in the discussion, quote them in your blog post and tweet their answer thus opening many doors for future discussions.

B. Cite them or a post they wrote

Humans like to be praised and appreciated.

One other way you can start a conversation with an influencer is through citations. Essentially, you’re finding a compelling reason to start a conversation by writing about an argument they made or a post they wrote then contacting them with few personalized notes from your post.

Fred Wilson wrote: “Marketing Is For Companies Who Have Sucky Products.” I disagree with Fred so I emailed him after posting an interview with Matt and Rand who also referenced to his marketing article.

We started talking, he cited me in his next post and the relationship continued.

Notice how the relationship starts with a meaningful conversation and takes time to develop into a long-term win-win relationship. Definitely, not a hit-and-run kind of relationship.


C. Point out typos

Here is how it goes:

  1. In the first email, discuss something about their post to show that you actually read their article.
  2. If they don’t answer back, in the next email, point out a typo(s) from their post like the example below.
  1. Finally, in the following email, close with a leading question to continue the conversation and strengthen the relationship.

Following this approach, Sujan and I eventually published: How to email cold prospects and get people to respond.

2. Become a source for an article

You may be arguing:

I just commented on many of my target influencers’ posts but this strategy seems to be long term and I really need some coverage soon, so what else can I do in the meanwhile?

Assuming you’ve nailed your one sentence pitch, the best case scenario is when you address your target influencers’ needs while you satisfy yours. For instance, if you’re seeking press opportunities through JustReachOut, the easiest way to start is by finding relevant influencers who are seeking content from people like you.

Here’s an example of some press opportunities for those who are working on a product in IoT space.

These are reporters who are deliberately asking for my content. All I have to do is show them how my profile or story will be of value to their magazine, blog, podcast, etc.

It’s also important to keep in mind that an influencer isn’t a journalist by default.

For instance, Abdo Riani, founder of EntrePerks, where entrepreneurs can access over $20,000 in free and discounted tools and services from some of the best products in the market, built relationships and consequently partnerships with over 100 growth startups. His target aren’t journalists but startup founders.

Therefore, the only way you can be of value to your target influencer is by 1) knowing who they are, and 2) understanding their needs. Most people give time to those who care to help them achieve their goals.

3. Provide data or insights

Another excellent way to trigger influencers’ interest is by providing them with unique data or insights that only you have to offer.

Here’s an example from my now acquired startup, Polar.

Here’s another example of an email I sent to Darrel Etherington at TechCrunch:

Darrell had the poll on TechCrunch just a couple of days after I sent him this email.

We are more likely to give back to those who gave or owe us something even if it’s small. Help others do their job and accomplish their goals, you’ll be surprised how far people can go to help you achieve yours.

 4. Interview them

They saw your detailed comments a few times, you cited them in your posts but you don’t have a unique dataset or insights to share yet, how else can you approach an influencer? Interview them.

Back when Facebook was approaching an IPO, I asked a group of experts, would you buy Facebook stock if you could right now? All they had to do was send me a sentence or two answering a question, something that could literally take them a minute.

What happens after?

They may or may not promote the post but guess what? now, I have an e-mail thread with them. I have also been of value because I promoted a piece I created from their expertise. I now have a reason to go back and continue to build a relationship with them.

 5. Contribute to Quora and Reddit

You want to start meaningful conversations with likeminded people and experts in your space?

One of the simplest ways to do that is to answer Quora or Reddit questions, ask questions of your own and engage with others.

What I typically do is contact an influencer who’s not part of the discussion seeking their answer to an asked question because of their expertise in the area. Most of the time, experts don’t mind sharing some knowledge with those who ask for it.

From JustReachOut, I searched and found two questions that fit my profile.


An invitation means recognition. Experts like to be experts. The least you can do is reinforce their expertise.

Above all, start connecting and building relationships with your target influencers before you need them. Treat it like a relationship, not an advertisement.

First, get noticed, second, start a conversation, and finally build a relationship.

How to increase domain authority (and why it is important to do so)

Did you know that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results? Given this astonishing fact, it’s obvious that the mere development of a website is not enough for you to get noticed. In order to establish yourself as a credible source of information, drive more traffic and improve conversion rates, you need to invest a great deal of effort into boosting your ranks in SERP.

Search engines use a plethora of factors to determine how well your website ranks. However, as Google’s ranking algorithm updates keep shaking the digital marketing landscape to its core, domain authority (DA) has become one of the most critical website performance metrics. Here is what you need to know in order to increase it.

What is Domain Authority?

Originally developed by Moz, domain authority has gained momentum as one of the most significant ranking factors, contributing to 20% of your website’s success. Ranging from 0 to 100, it represents an independent measurement of how well your website will rank in Google. The average domain authority ranges between 40 and 50, while any score over 50 is believed to be above average. Logically, well-established websites with dozens of quality backlinks are at the top of this scale, while small business websites that start from scratch have a significantly lower DA.

This shouldn’t worry you. Namely, Moz defines domain authority as a logarithmic scale, pointing out that “it’s significantly easier to grow your score from 20 to 30 than it is to grow from 70 to 80.” In other words, it’s simpler for websites with a low DA to improve their rankings, than for ones with a high DA.

What you need to know is that domain authority comprises more than 40 ranking signals, including link root domains, MozRank, MozTrust, the quality of content, social metrics and search engine friendliness. Being highly complex, it cannot be increased overnight. It requires you to invest a great deal of effort in improving every major aspect of your SEO strategy.

Boost your Off-Site SEO by Generating Quality Backlinks

A few years ago, Google’s Matt Cutts said that the days of link building are long gone. Still, statistics show that this SEO practice has remained one of the most vital ranking factors.

Ideally, as the number of quality links leading to your website is rising, your domain authority and rank in SERPs will grow as well. Obviously, this is possible only if you’re generating external links from high-authority websites. On the contrary, building dozens of poor backlinks won’t bring any value to your website and might heavily affect your rankings in Google.

One of the most important off-site techniques for earning links is guest posting. Here, your aim is to find credible blogs in your niche and share quality content pointing to your website. This way, you will manage to grow your brand’s authority, get referral traffic and, most importantly, establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Apart from quest posting, there are other white hat options you might consider when obtaining backlinks, such as social media shares, social bookmarking sites and giveaway promotions.

Create Link-Worthy Content

As we have already mentioned, generating quality backlinks heavily depends on your content strategy. However, apart from the abovementioned off-site techniques, you should also invest in on-site content marketing efforts. For instance, you should develop a company blog and make it an informative and fresh source of information. After all, if you don’t share valuable content on your website, there is no point in linking to it.

When creating quality content your readers cannot help sharing, you need to pay attention to several aspects:

  • Deliver content that adds value to your customers and answers all their questions.
  • Create informative and industry-specific content.
  • Share your content regularly.
  • Keep up with trends and deliver highly-interactive content that gets your readers to actively participate, such as infographics, videos, quizzes, quotes and gifs.

Optimize your Internal Links

Put simply, internal links direct one landing page to another within the same domain. This way, you improve your website navigation, direct your visitors to the content they are interested in, reduce bounce rate and improve user experience. Most importantly, you will be able to create a solid hierarchy of content, making it easier for Google to crawl and index your pages.

Here are a few techniques you could use to boost your internal linking efforts:

  • Share your content regularly. Only this way will you be able to link to your older blog posts, make your current content more informative, as well as spread link juice and PA throughout your website.
  • Build deep links to the pages that are not easily accessible from your homepage.
  • Link to pages with a lower PA in order to pass link juice to them.
  • Come up with organic and relevant anchor text. Additionally, you should avoid spammy, generic and keyword-rich anchor text.
  • Optimize your content-link ratio. In order to avoid Google’s penalties, you need to respect the limit to the number of links appropriate for your pages.
  • Link to relevant content. You should link to a certain page only if there is a topical connection between the content.

Conduct a Backlink Audit to Remove Bad Links

With Google’s 2013 Penguin 2.0 update, many sites faced a sudden decline in their page rank. Unsurprisingly, the main reason for this were poor backlinks. So, the moral is that you should never wait for a Penguin update to kill your rankings in SERP. Instead, conduct regular backlink audits to avoid Google’s penalties on time and establish your website as authoritative.

Even though it requires a lot of repetitive work, removing bad external links will help you gain a competitive advantage. All you need to do is go through your link profile to identify any backlinks from poor websites and remove them. Pay special attention to links in foreign languages, links with dubious anchor text, as well as those that have no topical relevance to your niche. The same goes for your blog. If there are any poor or broken links featured in your content, you need to remove them immediately.


Domain authority plays a fundamental role when it comes to your website ranking. It not only assesses the overall performance of your website in Google, it also enables you to identify the worth of websites you are linking to or contributing to.

Always keep in mind that, as a powerful comparative ranking measure, DA covers numerous metrics and thus cannot be increased instantly. Instead, you need to look at the big picture, improve your overall SEO strategy and be patient.

Six ways to increase your blog’s traffic

Generating traffic to your blog is key to conversions, but it’s not as simple as just clicking publish and waiting for the results to pour in. As with most things, you have to put the groundwork in to achieve the best results, and this involves a combination of factors. Help your blog gain more visibility by incorporating the following strategies. Here are six ways to increase your blog’s traffic


Utilise Local Search

Although the internet is a global super-high that connects us together, people are still looking for ways to find things at their doorstep. While the web can, of course, help you reach people from all over the world, to help increase your blog’s traffic, focus on a local strategy to drive local keyword searches and traffic to your site. Your blog content can help connect you to your local community, adding relevance and authority to your brand in the long run.


Marketing on Social Media

Promoting your blog on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Twitter and Instagram are surefire ways to bring in more readers, particularly if you have a decent following already. One mistake people often make is sharing their blog post just the one time when they should really be resharing the post at different intervals with a slightly different title. On Twitter for example, you should aim to repost your blog around five times in the space of two months if you want to double your traffic and promote engagement.


Invite Guest Bloggers

A great way to get more people to read your blog is to invite an influencer that’s already in your niche to write a guest post for you. There is a possibility that you have to pay them for their content, but this will definitely be worth it and can help your content go viral. Having an influential blogger that is already well known to your audience will boost your credibility and can easily propel your blog to new lofty heights.


Engage with Your Audience

After publishing your content, don’t just let it go stale, encourage engagement with your readers by bringing them into the conversation. When your audience comments on your blog posts, make sure that you respond to them and help drive up as much engagement as you can as this is crucial to how your content ranks in search engines. Incentivising your readers to share on social media by creating contests is a really effective way to increase the engagement levels and popularity of your blog.


White Hat SEO

Your content should always include the correct keywords that relate to your topic for it to rank online. Having said that, it’s important to employ the rules of White Hat SEO by using these keywords in a cohesive and meaningful way. Don’t oversaturate your content with too many of these keywords as you run the risk of being penalised by Google’s new algorithm which favours well-written copy over spam.


Repurpose Your Content

Repurposing your existing content into new formats can do wonders to increase your traffic. Think about converting your most impactful blog posts and turning them into podcasts for the people that don’t have time to read, or even videos for people who prefer visual aids. Presentations and ebooks are just some other ways that you can repurpose your most valuable content. All of this can help you to widen the scope of your target audience.

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