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YouTube App Repositions its Navigation Bar for Better User Experience

World’s No-1 Video app ‘YouTube’ is working to make it interface more user-friendly. In this endeavor, YouTube app has come up with a major change in the last update – repositioning of navigation bar. Have you noticed the change?

YouTube navigation tab now appears on the bottom of the screen. What could be the possible reason for such repositioning? Designers and UI/UX experts well understand the strategy behind this move.

Navigation Bar of YouTube Moves Closer to Thumb

YouTube has been the dominant video platform since a long time. Understanding the importance of engaging users with video and related digital content, technology giant Facebook came with the big announcement of introducing ‘Watch’ tab to resonate with the interest of video lovers.

Facebook Watch tab pampers its users with recommended videos and additional features of commenting, liking and expressing opinions on videos that friends are watching. To beat the competition and improvise on user interface elements, YouTube came up with a drastic change in its design.

The navigation bar is placed at the bottom of screen considering its proximity to the thumb, thereby making it easier for users to operate the app with one hand. Mobile app development companies are paying acute attention to user experience and interactive quotient.

Developers and designers work together to figure out the exact placement of different elements of mobile app. YouTube has strategically repositioned the navigation bar after analyzing how convenient it would be for users to access it if placed at the bottom of screen.

Redesigned YouTube Logo

Image Courtesy: independent

The much-known logo of YouTube with ‘Tube’ written under the red colored tube structure for better focus is now changed. The focus is now on the play button. If you haven’t noticed the changed in YouTube logo yet, here’s the small description that would help you distinguish the new logo from old one.

The updated logo consists of the YouTube icon, the one having a red tube with a white screen and its trademark red play button, followed by the ‘YouTube’ word in black. This logo has a new color scheme and font style.

Brand logo is the identity that is closely associated with it. Logo design and redesign does not happen quite frequently, but when any changes to logo are made, there is deep strategy and logic behind it. Some factors that go into consideration while designing and redesigning the logo of brand include current design market trends, changes in user behavior and device specifications from where this app would be accessed the most. YouTube logo has a flexible design and perfect visibility even in smaller screen sizes.

How to Build Simple but Appealing User Interface for your Mobile App?

Rising Importance of UI/UX in Mobile Apps

Developing an app that has user-friendly interface, easy navigation and interactive UX is as important as building a feature-rich and highly functional app. How does the mobile app look like is a part of its design. Only when users like the look and feel of app, they go ahead to explore it and try new features. Understanding this user behavior, companies are approaching UX design service providers to improvise the design aspects of their mobile app.

With so many advanced apps available in each category, users do not like to settle or compromise using apps that offer mediocre UX. When the best ones are available and easy accessible, no user would compromise on UI/UX factor of mobile app.

YouTube and Facebook experts predict user behavior considering the current market trends and redesign it foreseeing the immediate future. These technology giants are also in the race for innovation and constantly trying to improvise user experience in every possible way.

Six ways to increase your blog’s traffic

Generating traffic to your blog is key to conversions, but it’s not as simple as just clicking publish and waiting for the results to pour in. As with most things, you have to put the groundwork in to achieve the best results, and this involves a combination of factors. Help your blog gain more visibility by incorporating the following strategies. Here are six ways to increase your blog’s traffic


Utilise Local Search

Although the internet is a global super-high that connects us together, people are still looking for ways to find things at their doorstep. While the web can, of course, help you reach people from all over the world, to help increase your blog’s traffic, focus on a local strategy to drive local keyword searches and traffic to your site. Your blog content can help connect you to your local community, adding relevance and authority to your brand in the long run.


Marketing on Social Media

Promoting your blog on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Twitter and Instagram are surefire ways to bring in more readers, particularly if you have a decent following already. One mistake people often make is sharing their blog post just the one time when they should really be resharing the post at different intervals with a slightly different title. On Twitter for example, you should aim to repost your blog around five times in the space of two months if you want to double your traffic and promote engagement.


Invite Guest Bloggers

A great way to get more people to read your blog is to invite an influencer that’s already in your niche to write a guest post for you. There is a possibility that you have to pay them for their content, but this will definitely be worth it and can help your content go viral. Having an influential blogger that is already well known to your audience will boost your credibility and can easily propel your blog to new lofty heights.


Engage with Your Audience

After publishing your content, don’t just let it go stale, encourage engagement with your readers by bringing them into the conversation. When your audience comments on your blog posts, make sure that you respond to them and help drive up as much engagement as you can as this is crucial to how your content ranks in search engines. Incentivising your readers to share on social media by creating contests is a really effective way to increase the engagement levels and popularity of your blog.


White Hat SEO

Your content should always include the correct keywords that relate to your topic for it to rank online. Having said that, it’s important to employ the rules of White Hat SEO by using these keywords in a cohesive and meaningful way. Don’t oversaturate your content with too many of these keywords as you run the risk of being penalised by Google’s new algorithm which favours well-written copy over spam.


Repurpose Your Content

Repurposing your existing content into new formats can do wonders to increase your traffic. Think about converting your most impactful blog posts and turning them into podcasts for the people that don’t have time to read, or even videos for people who prefer visual aids. Presentations and ebooks are just some other ways that you can repurpose your most valuable content. All of this can help you to widen the scope of your target audience.

Statistics Proving the Importance of YouTube in Marketing

Each month, 1 billion unique users visit YouTube and more than 6 billion hours of videos are viewed by them. After Google (which owns it), it is the second-largest search engine in the world and serves as a valuable domain where knowledge and skills are showcased to thousands of users. Given the large share of YouTube in social media engagement, it should also be a vital resource in the social media marketing plan for any business.

Here are some wondrous statistics and facts pertaining to different industries that establish the importance of YouTube in the marketing industry:


51% of home buyers use YouTube to watch real estate videos

When it comes to real estate, the internet has taken the industry by storm with more and more people relying on online resources to search for a perfect home for themselves. 90% people resort to the internet to look for useful real estate information whereas 27% use newspaper ads and 45% choose open houses.


52% consumers feel more confident about a product after watching a YouTube video

Many brands make use of YouTube videos for the promotion of their products and also to demonstrate how they can be used in the most effective manner. When the audiences watch such a video, they become sure of the utility of the product and thus, cannot resist buying it. 6 out of 10 people would prefer online video platforms as compared to live TV because of the wider choice available.


48% marketers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy

In 2016, Google revealed some surprising statistics pertaining to YouTube and online video watching. Through mobile platforms alone, YouTube reaches more 18+-years-old than any cable TV network during prime hours. Even when the TV is turned on, two-thirds of people watch YouTube on a second screen and this number keeps on doubling with each year as 43% of people want to see more content from the marketers on this platform.


Larger businesses commonly use YouTube

Businesses who have 100+ employees tend to rely more on YouTube with 71% of them using it as a major tool in online content marketing. On the other hand, only 38% of the self-employed would use this platform as a way to promote their business. Video marketing has become a must-have in businesses than a nice-to-have because of its effectiveness.


Top 5 most influential celebrities are YouTube stars

While many parents may be unaware of the fact that the top YouTube channels garner millions of views, it is essential for them to know that most of these views are from children and teenagers. To address the needs of children, YouTube has even launched an app named YouTube Kids. Channels like Balloon Songs play an integral role in making children learn colors and teaching them nursery rhymes like ‘Johnny Johnny Yes Papa’ and ‘Jumping on the Bed’. Marketers make use of children’s inclination towards YouTube to establish a brand’s identity.

YouTube revealed the 2015 statistics of branded content in which there were 40 billion all-time views for it. More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices with each viewing session lasting about 40 minutes. With time, this power of video marketing and YouTube itself is going to increase so marketers should make it an essential tool to serve their purposes

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